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        Spectacular Unveiling! May Travel Event by Mintchem Heaven Group Shines in Yunnan and Henan

        Time: 2023-05-25

        Recently, our company organized a remarkable travel event in May, providing our employees with a rare opportunity for leisure and relaxation. What made this travel event special was that we divided our team into two groups, with one group heading to Yunnan and the other to Henan, enabling each employee to personally experience the unique charms of both destinations.
        The journey to Yunnan offered our employees a visual and spiritual feast with its magnificent natural landscapes and rich ethnic culture. Our team wandered amidst the blue skies and clear waters of Yunnan, exploring famous attractions such as the ancient city of Lijiang, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, and Shangri-La. During the trip, our employees actively participated in local folk performances, handicraft workshops, and other activities, gaining profound insights into Yunnan's diverse culture and creating unforgettable life experiences.
        The visit to Henan allowed our employees to appreciate the profound heritage of the Central Plains civilization. We toured places like The Laojun Mountain in Luoyang, the Yellow River Scenic Area in Zhengzhou, and the Millennium City Park in Kaifeng, experiencing the traces of Henan's long history. During the Henan journey, our employees also savored authentic Henan cuisine, Allowing them to have a closer experience of the charm of traditional Chinese culture.

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